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Hours: 6:30AM to 6PM

Please call for prices as these are based on age and schedule.

Preschool Pricing 
6 weeks - 5 years old

We only have a few openings left in our classrooms. 

Please call the center to learn more!

We have several programs available based on your child’s(ren) age. We currently offer only full time for Infants and 1-2 year olds.


Full/part time is available for 3-year old and older.

  • Infants                   Full Time Only

  • Ones + Twos         Full Time Only

  • Threes + Older     Full/Part Time Available

Phone: (480) 539-8933

DES Child Care Assistance

The DES Child Care Administration (CCA) offers child care assistance for:

  • Low-income families that are working

  • Teen parents enrolled in high school or GED classes

  • Homeless or domestic violence shelter residents

  • Individuals who are unable to work due to physical or emotional conditions

Military Service

We want them to grow to love the Bible and our country. ​We have a morning assembly which, includes the Pledge of Allegiance, patriotic songs, a Bible story, a worship song, and a short lesson. We believe that teaching our students about the military and our country is important. ​We celebrate all the special days each year.

Ask Us About Our Active Military Scholarships

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